Grace Anglican’s
History and Leadership

Our History

Before and After photos from our Sanctuary renovation.
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Grace Anglican Church is a local New Bern, North Carolina neighborhood church. It was originally founded as Emmanuel Church on September 22, 2000. In 2013, the Church adopted the name “Grace Anglican Church of New Bern” and became a part of the Anglican Church in North America through the Diocese of the Carolinas. We are also affiliated with the Global Anglican Future Conference and thus connected to the Worldwide Anglican Communion; Gafcon 2018 was one of the largest global Anglican gatherings and brought together 1,950 representatives from 50 countries, including 316 bishops, 669 other clergy and 965 laity.

The Church’s journey thus far has led to a vibrant, spiritually strong community, and we look forward to continuing to grow together as a body. This journey to becoming who we are today served to strengthen the resolve and commitment of the parish to seek and share truth as expressed through Scripture. Today we are a loving, welcoming and supportive congregation, prayerfully committed to Scripture and to one another.

Grace Anglican Church Today

Our values today are the same values of Christians over the last two millennia as found in Scripture: the Holy Bible. Each Sunday as Anglicans we affirm Matthew 22:37-40: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

Embodied in this affirmation are our values of commitment: to God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; to liturgical, reverent worship; and, to loving, through prayer and service, both those within our faith community, as well as our neighbors in Trent Woods, New Bern and Craven County.

Our Leadership

Rev. Steve Savia


Rev. Frances McSorley Britt


Rodney Harper


Our Vestry

Rick McElroy

Senior Warden

Marianne Harper

Junior Warden

Suzanne Vincent

Secretary for the Vestry and
Corporate Secretary for the Church

Cathy Riggs


Judy Olson
Judy Olson

Vestry Member

Susie Brown
Susan Brown

Vestry Member

John Sickles
John Sickles

Vestry Member

Vestry Member

Lois Lago

Vestry Member